Budget Clip-On Tuner – Ukulele, Guitar & Chromatic

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This is a neat little clip-on tuner that has a precise & easy to read backlit display, showing increments of 2 cent. It can be used to tune guitar, bass, violin, ukulele (C tuning), ukulele (D tuning) & it can be used as a chromatic tuner for any other instrument.

It works equally well in noisy or quiet environments as it uses the vibrations through the ukulele body & neck, rather than relying on a microphone to accurately pickup sound produced by the ukulele body and sound hole.

Other than the ukulele tuning functions (in both C & D) of the tuner, there are preset functions for Guitar, Bass and Violin tuning and it can also be used as a chromatic tuner to tune any instrument that it will clip on to, this is also vital if you want to check ukulele intonation throughout the fretboard. With the addition of other more advanced functions for various tuning and pitch adjustment this little tuner is a fantastic tool for any player or luthier.

Simple and easy to understand controls, 1 button to turn on, off and change mode, lightweight and well constructed with moving rubber pads on the grip to prevent damage to the ukulele head. It runs on common as muck CR2032 batteries (one included), mine hasn’t run out yet but when it does they can be picked up all over the place… I like it and use it a lot!

Click the image or link to buy for home delivery:

Budget Clip-On Tuner


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One thought on “Budget Clip-On Tuner – Ukulele, Guitar & Chromatic

    […] There are several setting I have not had an opportunity to try out yet, like adjusting the Middle A frequency and Transposing. This free tuner is a great addition to the home setup, the only downfall being that it will not work well in areas of high background noise. For tuning in loud areas or during gigs your best bet is a clip-on tuner. […]


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