Budget Ukulele Fretboard Oil – Sweet Almond Oil – Updated

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**This post has been updated with some facts and data**

Sweet Almond Oil has been used for centuries by classical guitarists, ukulele & other folk instrument players for treating & maintaining the fretboard & other areas of their instrument.

Some say Sweet Almond Oil, when used on ukulele fretboards, can turn rancid & smell, although with regular ukulele fretboard cleaning & treatment this should not become a problem for most ukulele players.

Firstly clean your ukulele fretboard then treat the fretboard with Sweet Almond Oil. Go sparingly, a small amount goes a long way and don’t forget to wipe off any excess.


I have been in discussion with the manufacturer and received the below MSDS (Materials Safety Data Sheet) showing a 100% Pure Refined Sweet Almond Oil (CAS# 8007-69-0) suitable for treating the fretboard of your ukulele, click the link below to view the MSDS, see section 3 – “Composition/Information on Ingredients”.

MSDS KTC Almond Oil

Click on the links below for the best price I could find for 100% Pure Sweet Almond Oil on the high street and for home delivery:

Sweet Almond Oil – high street

Sweet Almond Oil – home delivery


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