Ukulele Problem Therapy – Ukulele Intonation Video 2

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The second and final video from steffhw, covering the techniques used to rectify ukulele intonation problems diagnosed in the first Ukulele Intonation Video, for resolving ukulele setup and intonation problems on a budget ukulele.

This ukulele setup video tutorial details steps taken to improve the intonation of a budget ukulele, from the problems that were diagnosed in the first video including: High action at the ukulele nut, high action at the ukulele bridge/saddle and a pitched or uneven ukulele bridge inlay.

The ukulele setup video tutorial includes a nice tip on making your own budget ukulele nut file and the steps taken to resolve problems with the intonation of the budget ukulele, these techniques being: Correcting the ukulele bridge inlay, checking the ukulele action, lowering the ukulele action by filing string slots in the nut and replacing the ukulele strings with Aquila Nylgut Ukulele Strings to improve ukulele intonation and ukulele sound quality.

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