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This is an interesting invention from Californian Lori Apthorp, who has created a beautifully crafted multi-purpose, multi-instrument, ukulele “half-strap” the Uke Leash.

The ingenious design allows for the ukulele half-strap to be worn and used in many different ways and on many different styles, shapes and sizes of ukulele. With no potentially damaging sound hole hook and most importantly without altering your ukulele in any way!

Below is just one example of how the Uke Leash ukulele half-strap can be worn. This particular method allows the player complete freedom of the left arm and hand, while supporting the weight at the headstock and raising it toward the ukulele player (Click on the image to enlarge):


Uke Leash 01


With the various different ways of wearing and attaching the Uke Leash you can use it on any size ukulele, be it electric or acoustic. Giving your ukulele stability and you the freedom to play without the concern of dropping the ukulele. No more will you need to clamp the uke to your body in fear of the worst and in turn dulling the sound of the instrument.

Here is my personal favourite way of wearing the Uke Leash (as seen on the Uke Leash website). Giving the player freedom of both arms and hands by supporting the ukulele at the headstock and around the body, then a simple loop over the head/neck.




I probably hold my ukulele headstock too low (its comfortable to me), so I found that the strap would every so often foul on the closest tuning key and sometimes push it out of tune. The joy of the Uke Leash is that I could simply adjusted the way the strap looped around the headstock of my Ibanez UKS10 Soprano Ukulele and hey presto! I think I might have invented a new way of attaching the Uke Leash!


Uke Leash 04


The main strap comes in 5 sizes made of strong yet soft Polypro, in a multitude of colours with neatly finished, well-made connections and rivets, or soft leather, 4 sizes in black or brown. The Uke Leash can also be quickly released at either end of the strap using sturdy, pinch-grip connectors.


Uke Leash 02


There are also several extenders, adapters and add-ons which can be purchased to further extend and alter the Uke Leash for use with many instruments, including: Soprano Ukulele, Tenor Ukulele, Concert Ukulele, Baritone Ukulele, Electric Ukulele, Banjo, Mandolin, many other stringed instruments and probably most custom ukulele.

The Uke Leash can be purchased from the online store at the link below or from Ohana dealers in the UK – “They have it in their catalogue” so your local Ohana Ukulele retailer should be able to order them in for you and UkuMele in Germany. There are several outlets in the US, for a full list of stockists see the link below.

There may be further news on purchasing a Uke Leash in the UK so keep following UK Ukee using the links at the bottom of this post for any updates.

All in all a very neat addition to any Ukee’s accessory set: useful, adaptable, unique and practical!

Uke Leash – Online Store

Uke Leash – New Innovative Ukulele Half-Strap support device

Uke Leash – Outlets

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2 thoughts on “Multi-Purpose Ukulele Strap – Uke Leash

    Aisyah said:
    22nd January 2016 at 8:15 pm

    Hey what size did you get to have the option to wrap around your uke?


      UK Ukee responded:
      10th March 2016 at 11:30 pm

      It will depend on the size of your uke. Check out the Uke Leash website for some really good size guides.


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