A German on St. George’s Day? Whatever Next…

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Tom Ziegenspeck Ukulele Luthier

Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending an evening with Tom Ziegenspeck, a ukulele luthier from Leipzig in Germany. He is here in the UK working as an intern for Pete Howlett and while he is spending a brief spell at a guitar workshop in Basingstoke, we decided on a halfway meeting point of Midhurst.

He turned up carrying a case which contained one of his own creations, a beautiful tenor, which, later in the evening he did what Pete Howlett calls “His Jake Thing” on. Although our conversation was intermittently interrupted by some local poshos, we managed to have a great time chatting about luthiers, ukuleles and materials… and more!

Tom has submitted his luthier story and this will be published on the Interviews page, along with some images of his work, in the next few days. Make sure to follow UK Ukee using the links below so you don’t miss out!

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