Budget Digital Vernier Caliper (DIN 862) – Best Buy

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Vernier Calipers are a vital part of any luthier’s arsenal to check thickness of wood stock and components. Made by Moore & Wright a well-known and long-standing manufacturer of precision measuring equipment (founded 1908), these Budget Digital Vernier Calipers are certified by the manufacturer to be compliant with the applicable national standard and checked with equipment which has traceable accuracy according to national and international standards.

Manufactured to standard DIN 862 this particular model digital vernier caliper (MW110-15DBL) gives a full measuring length of 150mm / 6 inches, it can be used for both inside and outside measurements and also has a depth gauge built-in. A good size LCD displaying both metric or imperial, hardened stainless steel slide and 40mm jaws, on/off and function buttons, locking nut, wheel for accurate adjustment and a plastic case. An accuracy of +/- 0.2mm/0.008″ and resolution of 0.01mm/0.0005″ makes this Budget Digital Vernier Caliper perfect for thickness comparison measurements.

As with all digital devices these are reliant on well charged batteries so luckily they come with 5 spares and one in the chamber! When you do finally exhaust that supply, they take the good old CR2032 batteries which can be picked up all over the place (pound shop).

For just under £25 these are a great buy, so snap them up while they’re still available!

Follow the link or click the picture to order for home delivery:

Moore & Wright Digital Vernier Caliper

Digital Vernier Caliper

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