DIY Ukulele Kerf Lining Clamps

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A lot of these are needed during a uke build so the cost of buying them can soon add up. A quick and easy tool to make yourself and save a few quid is DIY Ukulele Kerf Lining Clamps. As an alternative to the metal spring clips that are sold at an inflated price, specifically for the job, you can make your own very simply and at a very low cost in comparison.

All you need are some bog standard wooden clothes pegs! Just saw off the ends at right angles (as shown below) and you will have DIY Ukulele Kerf Lining Clamps with enough pressure to hold your kerfed lining in place, while the adhesive dries and enough clearance to not foul on your mould/jig.

I’ve found that the metal varieties can often be a little heavy on pressure, leaving indentations in softer wood. This can be remedied by covering the metal grip ends with an additional short piece of rubber tubing, heated with a hair-dryer to soften. However this can be avoided entirely when using these DIY Ukulele Kerf Lining Clamps.

Cutting the clothes peg

Clothes Peg Cut

DIY Ukulele Kerf Lining Clamp

DIY Ukulele Kerf Clamp

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