Budget 4 x Engineer Square Set BS 939(B) – Best Buy

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As with most precision equipment and tools the internet is a minefield of good-looking and well presented “precision tools”, which turn out to be little more than “toys” that are inaccurate and/or poorly constructed. This is especially relevant with something as simple yet important as a square. How hard can it be to make an “L” shaped piece of metal that is square on all sides?

After having a bad experience with a very low-budget ebay purchase and then some Kinex Engineer Squares (priced at around £15-£30 each) which were in fact badly manufactured, I found these Budget Engineer Squares to be the best value purchase for a full set of 4 (50/75/100/150mm), manufactured to BS 939(B) this being the national standard for Engineer’s Squares and comparable to if not better than other much more expensive squares available.

They are well constructed with (near) invisible joints and rivets, a notch in the stock to accommodate marking tip, sharp edges and corners and a neat wooden box. With a decent thickness of both stock and blade there seems to be little chance of bending or damaging the squares easily. Admittedly one of the squares arrived with what appeared to be a manufacturing fault, which in turn affected one of the marking edges, however the supplier was more than helpful in providing a replacement for the faulty item (with no additional costs incurred).

For the money – including free delivery, I can’t recommend these Budget Engineer Squares or the supplier more. If you’re in the market for a reasonably priced, well made set of Engineer’s Squares (which are actually square) you could do a lot worse.

Click the link or picture to order for home delivery:

Budget Engineer Square Set

Engineer Square Set

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