Ukulele Map UK – Android App V1.0(ish)

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After some minor bugs with the beta release of the Ukulele Map App UK… I am very pleased to announce that the first public release version of the Ukulele Map UK is available to download now for Android, free at Google Play Store! Showing all the Ukulele clubs, groups, jams listed on the Ukulele Map UK page. Carry the map with you on your travels and get directions at the touch of a finger.

This is indeed the first version and does have its limitations, new versions will be coming thick and fast as the app develops and new functions and features added. Please download it, check out your local ukulele clubs and groups and let us know what you think, especially if your ukulele club isn’t listed!

Download the Ukulele Map UK App here!

Ukulele Map App UK V1.0 Ukulele Map UK V1.0

Original listing data from Barry Maz @ Got A Ukulele

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