Ukulele Map – Europe

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Interactive map of Ukulele Groups, Jams, Clubs, Bands, Orchestras & Societies in Europe

Scan and zoom the ukulele map to find a Ukulele Group, Jam, Club, Band, Orchestra or Society near you.

Original listing data from Mickey Maguire @ Ukulele Player Magazine

To have your Ukulele Group, Jam, Club, Band, Orchestra or Society listed on UK Ukee Ukulele Map please share a link to this blog on your website or FB page, then submit a request using this link:

UK Ukee Ukulele Map Listing Request

If your Ukulele Group, Jam, Club, Band, Orchestra or Society is already listed simply resubmit using the link above.


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Here is the full list of ukulele groups, jams, clubs, bands, orchestras & societies currently on the UK Ukee ukulele map of Europe:

List No. City Country Name Category URL
001 Helsinki Finland Finnish Ukulele Network – FUN Group
002 Karkkila Finland Karkkilan I Ukulele Orkesteri Orchestra
003 Tampere Finland Tampereen Ukuleleorkesteri Orchestra
004 Tampere Finland Open Ukulele Jam Tampere Jam
005 Agneaux France Agneaux a son Ukulélé Club Club
006 Bordeaux France Ukulele Fun Box of Bordeaux Group
007 Clermont-Ferrand France Le BOUC Club
008 Fontenay-sous-Bois France TOP5 Group
009 Lille France Club Olympique de Ukulélé de Lille et des Environs Club
010 Lyon France L’UkeDunum – Ukulele Club of Lyon Club
011 Montpellier France Uke’n’Play Group
012 Nantes France The Faders of Nantes Ukulele Club
013 Nice France Nuke Ukulele Explosion Jam
014 Oleron France Ukulele Social Club Oleron Club
015 Paris France Rendev’Uke a Paris Group
016 Paris France Ukulele Club of Paris Club
017 Paris France Ukulele Boudoir Society
018 Picardie France Ukulele Social Club de Picardie Club
019 Picardie France Ukulélé Social Club de Picardie Club
020 Sophia Antipolis France Association Ukuleles Valbonne Sophia Antipolis Group
021 Strasbourg France Les Cafélélés de Strasbourg Group
022 Valbonne Sophia Antipolis France VSAlele Association
023 Berlin Germany Ukulele Berlin Club
024 Moers Germany Ukulele Club of Germany Club
025 Amsterdam Holland Amsterdam Ukulele Players Group
026 Amsterdam Holland Ukulele Club Amsterdam Club
027 Amsterdam Holland The Ukulele Orchestra of Amsterdam Orchestra
028 Rotterdam Holland Ukulele Jamboree in Rotterdam Jam
029 s-Hertogenbosch Holland Uke & D’Uke Club
030 County Wicklow Ireland The Hotspot Ukes Group
031 Drumlish Ireland Ukuholics Club
032 Dublin Ireland Ukulele Ireland Club
033 Dun Laoghaire Ireland UkuHooley Group
034 Vicenza Italy Ukulele Club Vicenza Club
035 Groningen Netherland Groningen Ukulele Society Club
036 Porto Portugal Clube da Pulga Saltitante Club
037 Messina Sicilia audrey ukulele Group
038 Barcelona Spain Barcelona Ukelele Club (BUC) Club
039 Madrid Spain Club del Ukelele de Madrid Club
040 Barcelona Spain Barcelona Ukelele Club – BUC Club
041 Fagersta Sweden Fagersta Ukulele Club Club
042 Gothenburg Sweden Ukuleleklubben Club
043 Lerum Sweden Ukelerum Club
044 Stockholm Sweden Ukulelekommissionen Commission
045 Geneve Switzerland Ukulele Club De Genève Club



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