7 Facts About Ukulele Building That Will Impress Your Friends

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7 Facts About Ukulele Building That Will Impress Your Friends

  1. Ukulele building uses many of the same techniques and principles as building a classical guitar, in fact it is virtually the same… just smaller.
  2. The Ukulele is believed to be first built in 1879 by Portuguese Cabinetmakers, not Hawaiians as most people think.
  3. Luthier is the name given to someone that builds and repairs stringed instruments. Not to be confused with a Lutheran – which is a whole different ball game.
  4. Ukulele building requires extreme accuracy when using hand tools, working in wood to less than 0.01mm tolerances.
  5. Sales of the Ukulele have recently risen by 1200% showing that the “Ukulele Fad” is here to stay. Sales figures in Britain have doubled to around 250,000 ukuleles sold per year.
  6. Handmade, custom ukuleles can sell for thousands of pounds, where as factory built models sell for as little as £20.
  7. To sharpen the blades of hand-planes and chisels, some ukulele luthiers use a film which is most commonly used when installing fibre-optic cables.


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