The 7 Biggest Ukulele Building Blunders

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The 6 Biggest Ukulele Building Blunders

Being guilty of a few myself and knowing that sharing is the best way to propagate knowledge, I have put together a small list of some of the major slip ups to watch out for when starting on your ukulele building journey…

  1. Measure twice, cut once.  It’s an oldie but a goodie – When marking out and cutting be sure that your measurements are clear, accurate, precise and in accordance with your plan… then check again.

  2. Got wood? Be sure you have enough timber to complete your project, accounting for all components of your instrument with plenty of excess to allow for shaping (and mistakes). Don’t get caught short and don’t forget all the extra bits and pieces – nut, saddle, fret-wire, machine heads, dots, etc.

  3. Pretty don’t mean Punchy. An instrument may look pretty, with lots of decoration and inlay, however this generally does very little for how it sounds and plays. Concentrate on a well constructed and sweet sounding ukulele, before you worry too much about how twinkly it looks.

  4. More haste, less speed. Another old adage that we can learn so much from. Don’t rush things as you will only end up taking longer in the end (when you mess up and have to start over). A good quality instrument takes time to create.

  5. Getting gritty. Sandpaper and abrasives are a world unto themselves these days, with options up the wazoo. A pack of coarse/medium/fine from the local DIY store will not do the trick, to get a decent finish and complete your ukulele build you’ll need a variety of grits. So make sure you have a good amount and selection of the finer grits and a suitable amounts of the coarser grits as required.

  6. Sticky Situations. Making sure things are well stuck is a vital part to any uke build, using enough is critical yet too much glue can make a mess and affect the tone of your ukulele. Thanks to Robbie O’Brien for this little gem “If your glue works better as a lubricant than an adhesive, perhaps you’ve used too much” – Luthier Tips Du Jour

  7. Expensive doesn’t always mean Excellent. Be careful where you invest your hard earned fun tickets, you may not need to fork-out for that Professional Grade Ukulele Luthier Doohickey. A good place to look for further advice on low budget tools and alternative techniques is… well… right here on UK Ukee.

Take a look around for tips, tricks and techniques to help you along your way and avoid any pitfalls such as these Biggest Ukulele Building Blunders.>>SPACER<<

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