Ukulele Tonewood Suppliers

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Here’s another list of suppliers specifically for the Ukulele Luthiers out there. This time it’s for ukulele tonewood supplies, from Spruce and Western Red Cedar to Macassa Ebony and Curly Koa. I have also included some ukulele tonewood reference and resources as well as the list of various ukulele tonewood suppliers from around the world:

Another great way to pick up some bargain pieces of ukulele tonewood, is to get friendly with high quality furniture makers in your local area and if your relationship is good enough, they may let you raid their scrap pile for offcuts that are good to use for fingerboards, veneer, bridges and struts… or maybe even more!

Always source wood responsibly

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One thought on “Ukulele Tonewood Suppliers

    Jorma Winkler said:
    20th June 2016 at 8:37 am for a direct source of Hawaiian Koa and mango for ukuleles and knife blanks or lumber


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