Finally a DIY Ukulele Strap!

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DIY Ukulele Strap

I purposely haven’t posted about any DIY Ukulele Strap I have come across until now, as I haven’t found any that I feel really fit some important criteria: attractive design, robust, customisable, accessible parts, minimal tools and skills.

I finally stumbled on this one and think that their particular design and guide to making your own DIY Ukulele Strap fits the remit, as it gives plenty of scope for variation and adjustment, yet the design is simple and easy to follow, with minimal skills required and an attractive looking item at the end of it. You’ll need some pretty stiff paper clips, ribbon or strap material of your choice, a simple buckle (old shoe/bag/belt), 2 sticky hooks, pliers and a little sewing.

Top Tip – Be VERY selective over the adhesive hooks that you choose, some of these may damage the finish on your ukulele or become difficult to remove or leave residue behind when you need to replace them, something like these 3M Command Mini Hooks should work well.

See the original post and easy to follow instructions from Harina Pana here:


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