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Graduating Callipers are used to check the thickness of the soundboard, back and other ukulele components, they can be both difficult to find and expensive when you do find them, with a long enough reach (deep enough throat) for the needs of the luthier.

These Budget Graduating/Thicknessing Callipers are particularly good for ukulele building as they are not the full 300mm throat reach needed for larger instrument building, as are most of the luthier’s thickness callipers I have found. Possibly not suitable for Baritone ukulele building, depending on the size of your wood stock, but should be fine for all other ukulele sizes (certainly soprano and concert)… and it comes in a handy wooden case, keeping it nicely protected from other tools.

Thickness Caliper
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This particular variation is larger giving you a longer reach for checking the thickness of Tenor and Baritone ukulele soundboards and backs. Top Tip – Accurate measuring may not be possible with the lower end dial indicators used on cheaper Graduating Callipers, however you can ensure a regular thickness throughout your ukulele soundboard and back using the same tool to check thickness.


thickness caliper ali
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The link below is the best price I could find for the aforementioned 300mm deep throat thickness callipers, that are used for making larger instruments such as Baritone Ukulele, Guitar, Cello, etc. These are of better quality and you will also notice that the contact points are domed, giving you the ability to be more precise with the measurements of these Graduating Callipers, as the measuring tips are smaller.

thickness caliper 300mm
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