Online Ukulele Purfling & Rosette builder

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This is a really handy tool that I stumbled on from Gurian Instruments for planning out ukulele rosette or purfling colour combinations and patterns. It looks a little complicated at first, although when you get used to the interface it’s quite simple and very versatile.

The video tutorials are really useful and will help you understand the Purfling Builder and it’s capabilities. There are a good few choices of colour and material; using a variety of pattern overlays and thickness of purfling, you have an almost limitless array of potential ukulele purfling and ukulele rosette designs.

The only addition I’d like to see is a way to save the progress of a design so you can come back to it at a later date, or perhaps some templates to start from. What would you like to see added or altered?

Purfling Builder


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