Wooden Ukulele Purfling Strips – Best Buy

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Here is a great deal if you are looking for a bundle of Black-White-Black wooden purfling strips to decorate your ukulele builds with. This is a quick way to build up rosettes and purfling decoration around the sound-hole or outer rim of your ukulele, with more than enough to decorate one side of a tenor ukulele in each strip, it will take a fair while to use this lot up.

Click image to buy for home delivery

Black-White-Black Wood Ukulele Purfling Strips
Black-White-Black Wood Ukulele Purfling Strips

For a cheap and simple DIY Ukulele Rosette Jig, click the image below:

Abalone Shell Ukulele Rosette
DIY Ukulele Rosette Jig


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One thought on “Wooden Ukulele Purfling Strips – Best Buy

    DIY Ukulele Rosette Jig « UK Ukee said:
    20th March 2016 at 11:17 pm

    […] you just bend strips of ukulele purfling around the edge of the plastic disk and glue each layer to the previous one. You can use map pins […]


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