DIY Ukulele Rosette Jig

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DIY Ukulele Rosette Jig

For a cheap and simple DIY Ukulele Rosette Jig, you can use double-sided tape to stick a 60mm Ø disk of plastic (at least 2mm thick) to any small slab of flat wood which has a layer of parcel tape applied to the surface, ideally thick ply or MDF.

Then you just bend strips of ukulele purfling around the edge of the plastic disk and glue each layer to the previous one. You can use map pins to hold each end of the purfling in place as you add the next layer. Another neat idea is to sandwich small (1.5mm thick) rectangles of shell between two layers of the ukulele purfling strips, to simply and swiftly put together a really fancy ukulele rosette. See example in image above.

Be careful but not shy with the glue, you need to make sure everything is well stuck and the parcel tape on the base will prevent your ukulele rosette from sticking too badly to the surface. Once the rosette is inlaid you will have to scrape back and sand down the finished soundboard surface, removing any excess glue in the process.

Again be careful when removing the pins and releasing the rosette from your DIY Ukulele Rosette Jig, no matter how well it has been made the ukulele rosette will be a delicate item, until inlaid into the ukulele soundboard.

Here’s the almost finished article, set in to a solid Mahogany soundboard, using my DIY Dremel Inlay Jig (which I will be blogging about in the near future). A very handy jig that allows for incredibly accurate and fast rosette channel cutting for any size ukulele rosette… when used in the right hands 😉

All thanks go to the fantastic luthier, tutor and mentor Peter Barton for this gem.

Abalone Shell Ukulele Rosette
Abalone Shell Ukulele Rosette

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