Long journey ahead … #UkeFestScot_16

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I’ll be off to the Ukulele Festival of Scotland next weekend, I’m not looking forward to the long train journey but I am very excited about everything else!

I will be seeing my friend Tom Ziegenspeck of Ziegenspeck Ukuleles and hopefully meeting a Ukulele Luthier from Italy. There is one hell of a line-up for the festival, big names from all over the world, a whole weekend of entertainment, workshops and plenty of other stuff. I hope to be reporting back with lots of photos and interesting news.

Anybody else going?

Ukulele Festival of Scotland

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One thought on “Long journey ahead … #UkeFestScot_16

    poeturja said:
    1st May 2016 at 2:05 pm

    Looking forward to your posts about the festival. Enjoy the train ride, too. I wish that instead of driving for hours at 85 mph on crowded roads here in the US, we had a system of travel by railway. I always say, one person’s dread is another person’s romantic idea 🙂


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