About UK Ukee


The Unconventional Guide to Ukulele Building


A UK-based ukulele fan who wants to share knowledge about ukulele build, repair, set-up and maintenance. I have made this blog to record and share my findings and research of ukulele luthier tools, tricks and techniques.

Through my own journey of ukulele building and having set up my own ukuleles and guitars (electric and acoustic) using information, tools, accessories, sundries and knowledge gathered from the internet. I found many specialist tools that were available to the guitar and ukulele luthier, are cost prohibitive with the budget available to the average ukulele player, collector and DIY luthier.

I felt compelled to create this site to encompass all the helpful tips, tricks and advice I found during my ukulele set-up research. With a view to helping others turn their budget uke into a playable musical instrument, comparable to the higher end ukuleles on the market, by carrying out a few, achievable steps with limited expenditure.

Use this site to find and learn tips and techniques for: cleaning and maintaining your ukulele, dressing/crowning ukulele frets, levelling ukulele frets, cleaning and treating ukulele fretboard, lower or raise ukulele action, improving ukulele intonation, repairing cracks, tuning your ukulele, replacing or repairing ukulele parts or stringing a low-cost ukulele with the strings that will transform it.

You will also see the best prices I could find for budget, alternative ukulele luthier tools, sundries and accessories to carry out all the ukulele maintenance and repair tasks you need… to have, play and look after a healthy uke.

The vast majority of links on this site are just that… links (in a few instances there are affiliate links which help to keep the blog going).

Give your ukulele a lower action and vintage playability today!