Back with the stats… Top 25 Ukulele Blog!

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I’ve been checking out where the UK Ukee website stands on the Top 100 sites list again (now called Top Ukulele Sites) and it is in the Top 25 Ukulele Blogs! This is in a specific blog category, listing in excess of 150 Ukulele Blog sites from around the world. Still moving up within the Top 100 websites overall for page views, this really is amazing to think that the blog only started in 2014.

More statistics about blog visitors in 2015 (the first complete year for UK Ukee) are – almost 12,000 individual visitors in total, viewing pages 27,851 times, generating a mind-boggling number of clicks. Thank you again for all your support and interest – Keep it Ukee!

UK Ukee in Top 25 Ukulele Blog
UK Ukee in Top 25 Ukulele Blog

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